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Well-planned liquid storage & distribution is essential for the mining and civil industry. Whether you require a single tank for storing potable water or a more complex system, running out of water is simply not an option if you wish to remain operational

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COERCO have been and continue to be involved in many different custom designed equipment projects within the mining and civil construction industry throughout Australasia and worldwide. Our team will design and construct a system to suit your specifications, whatever the scale of your project. At Coerco, our priority is to provide products and systems to make your working life easier, minimising frustrations caused by poorly functioning equipment and unplanned downtime. We supply a wide range of standard products to suit most applications, or will work with you to create a bespoke solution if required. Typical water and chemical process tanks fall into one of three main categories:

1. Insulated tanks: used in applications where liquids need to be kept at a consistent temperature, for example concrete mixing. We produce insulated poly tanks using a number of methods including wrapping the tanks with air cell reflective insulation, using a two-component polyurethane HFC blown spray foam and using double skinned tanks with a foam filling between skins.

2. Clarifier tanks: a clarifier, or settling tank, is used to remove solid particles from liquid by mechanical means. Applications may include wastewater treatment and other water processing. We can produce vessels designed to your specifications including gutter systems and internal pipework and outlets to meet your requirements.

3. Conical based process tank systems: offering complete tank drainage, and ideal for mixing or batching liquid-based solutions, such as in bio-diesel processing. Cone-based tanks are available with custom fittings, pipework and agitators to meet your own specific requirements.

We also produce and supply a wide variety of liquid storage tanks, mixing tanks and other associated tank accessories and modifications. Every project we undertake and product we manufacture is carried out in accordance with all relevant Australian standards. COERCO is an ISO9001:2015 certified company. Whether you’re investing in one of our standard products or working with us to implement a custom-designed solution specific to your site and setup, you will always receive the highest standards of quality and attention to detail.

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