High-Quality Septic Systems Guaranteed to Endure the Harshest Environments

COERCO’s light-weight, industrial-strength septic systems are the preferred choice for commercial and environmental projects all over Australia. The durability and effectiveness of our septic tank systems are second to none.

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With a 25-year history in supplying liquid storage products to the mining and civil construction industry in Western Australia, COERCO is the industry expert with the skills and knowledge to produce high-quality products and solutions which minimise the risk of losses and downtimes through failure and poor support.

Thanks to our in-house polyethylene processing facility, COERCO is the only manufacturer to retain internal control of quality from start to finish. We’re proud to be an ISO9001:2015 certified company, highlighting our commitment to outstanding workmanship across all our products.

Typical waste water management systems fall into one of two main categories:

1. Septic Tanks: easily adaptable to suit any environment, and available in a wide range of capacities, your waste management is made simple with a high-quality polyethylene septic tank from Coerco. These are supplied as a full kit including everything you need for installation.

2. Leach Drains: designed to work alongside Coerco septic tanks or as a standalone system, our leach drain products are modular, and are supplied as flat pack items. This makes it easy for you to create the exact setup you need. Our range of leach drains are a simple and cost-effective waste water management solution.

Every project we undertake is carried out in accordance with all relevant Australian standards. COERCO is an ISO9001:2015 certified company. Whether you’re investing in one of our standard products or working with us to implement a custom-designed solution specific to your site and setup, you will always receive the highest standards of quality and attention to detail.

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