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Coerco offer a range of poly septic tanks to suit every requirement, particularly suitable for the mining and civil construction industries. Our high-quality, one-piece construction tanks and accessories are supremely durable, reliable and cost-effective - the best of their kind in Australia.

1,450 Litre Septic Tank (1250D x 1500H)


  • Lightweight, easy to transport and install
  • Manufactured from durable polyethylene
  • Anti floatation ring and ribbing incorporated into design
  • Certified to Australia Standard AS/NZS1456.1 and approved by Department of Health - WA
  • Supplied as complete kit including lid, inlet & outlet "T" pieces
  • Leach Drain systems also available

Poly Septic Tank Certifications

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Product Name: 1450 Litre Septic Tank

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