Corrugated Industrial Tanks Built
For Strength And Durability

Protect your water supply even in the harshest of conditions with a high-quality polyethylene corrugated industrial tank from COERCO. Strong, durable, UV stabilised and fully weatherproof, these tanks withstand the toughest of demands.

9,000 Litre (2,000 Gallon) Corrugated Industrial Tank


  • Specific Gravities from 1SG - 2SG
  • Operating temperatures from -18 degree Celsius up to +50 degree Celsius.
  • Multiple types of PE available
  • One piece construction with self supporting roof
  • Corrugated for traditional appearance
  • UV stablished to withstand our harsh climate
  • Durable and impact resistant polyethylene for long life
  • Manufactured in guidance with Australian standards
  • Available in all of our colour range
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Product Name: 9000 Litre Corrugated Industrial Tank

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