Tough, Robust Flat Walled Industrial Tanks Tick All The Right Boxes

Looking for a sturdy and reliable way to store water on your site? Our premium flat walled water storage tanks are strong, durable and stable, all while looking great! From small capacity tanks to larger designs, poly tanks are the best choice for safe, reliable water storage.

5,300 Litre (1,200 Gallon) Flat Walled Industrial Tank


  • Specific Gravities from 1SG - 2SG
  • Operating temperatures from -18 degrees C up to +50 degrees Celsius.
  • Multiple types of PE available
  • One piece construction with self supporting roof
  • Flat-walled design combines strength with a sleek, modern finish
  • UV stablished to withstand our harsh climate
  • Durable and impact resistant polyethylene for long life
  • Manufactured in guidance with Australian standards
  • Available in all of our colour range
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Product Name: 5300 Litre Flat Walled Industrial Tank

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