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March 6, 2018

Why Western Rural Earthmoving love Coerco Poly Septics!

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We recently delivered a 4000 litre Septic Tank to Sam Davies of Western Rural Earthmoving, a long-standing customer of ours and this is what he had to say:


"They're just so easy to use"

"I've used concrete before, I've used fibreglass. Fibreglass ones, they crack easy, you've got to be really careful to drop them into the hole or they crack. (Coerco Septic Tanks are) so much less labour intensive 'cos we can throw them in ourselves rather than get a bigger machine for the concrete ones" - Sam Davies, Western Rural Earthmoving.


Benefits of Using Coerco Septic Tanks

  • Lightweight & Durable - you can push them off a ute without breaking them! This is due to the Australian-made polymer we process in-house to use in the one-piece manufacturing.
  •  Simple and quick installation - no floor to pour, no large equipment to hire, no weak spots to be wary of cracking and that lid, inlet and outlet 'T' pieces are pre-fitted to tank.
  • Anti-floatation ring incorporated into design - reduced in-ground movement inline with the water table.


So there you have it: reliable materials, comparatively less labour and machinery costs and an increased bottom line for your business. The only question that remains is if you are a plumber could you improve your bottom line by using Coerco poly Septic Tanks!

Get the Poly Septic Specs and Details Here



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