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November 10, 2017

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet On Poly Septic Tanks

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Installing septic tanks is often done to deal with waste treatment where services are not provided. In rural areas of Western Australian, septic systems have been a standard in waste treatment for many years. The problem is that some of the older tanks are failing, and when they fail, they are being replaced with modern polyurethane (poly) tanks. There are some requirements if you plan on using a poly septic tank for your upgrades and here is a detailed cheat sheet to help with the process:

Cost Savings When Using Poly Tanks for Replacements

When it comes to poly tanks, there are many benefits but the cost savings is why many homeowners choose to install a polyurethane tank for their upgrades. Polyurethane tanks are also less likely to have problems like cracking, which is common with materials such as concrete.

Starter Pack Guide to Septic Systems


Quick and Easy Septic Tank Replacement with Poly Tanks

If you want to have a quick and easy solution for the upgrade to your septic tank, then using poly tanks is the ideal solution. With materials like concrete, installation can take days. When using a poly septic tank, the longest part of the installation is the excavation of the site where the tank is to be installed.

Understanding Effluent and The Needs of Your Property

Effluent is the liquid waste that needs to be dealt with in your septic system. By law, you will be required to have a soil test done, which sometimes indicates that standard effluent drainage systems cannot be used. There are other alternatives, such as alternative waste treatment or using an effluent tank that will require extra servicing of your septic system.


The Rules That Govern Portable and Storage Septic Tanks

There are a few reasons why use of portable waste storage tanks may be required for your septic system upgrades. It is important to remember that these holding tanks can only be half full before they need servicing or emptying, which reduces problems with floating solids. Some of the reasons why you may need to use portable septic storage tanks like our Under Cabin Tanks include:

  • Mobile Work Site Storage
  • Temporary Waste Treatment Solutions
  • Effluent Storage Solutions in Areas with Poor Soil Filtration


This cheat sheet will help you with upgrading your septic system and complete your waste treatment projects. For more on installing a modern poly septic system, contact Coerco today.

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