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July 12, 2018

Know Before You Buy: Poly Septic Systems

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What are poly septic systems? What are the benefits of poly septic systems? And are poly septic systems different from concrete septic systems?

These are some questions many plumbers in Australia have been asking since the start of this year. If you are one of them, we have compiled a detailed article which we hope will answer any of the questions you might have about poly septic systems. Read on to learn more.

What are poly septic systems?

Poly septic systems are lightweight, resilient and very flexible septic tanks manufactured from polyethylene. They are different from other septic systems in Australia for many reasons which we have explained below.

Starter Pack Guide to Septic Systems

Features of Poly Septic Systems


Poly septic systems are much lighter compared to concrete septic systems, so the transportation and installation costs are reduced. They can easily be transported on a standard utility vehicle and installed with a small machine.


Chemical and Effluent Resistant

Another appealing feature of poly septic systems is that they are not susceptible to chemical damage and corrosion, unlike steel and concrete. They are designed from a series of non-corrosive polyethylene material. This material is also not affected by the hydrogen sulfide gas.



Most of the poly septic systems like the ones sold by Coerco come with screw lids, baffles, inlets, outlets, seals, inspection and access covers, stainless steel screws and other pieces. The kit also includes detailed installation and maintenance instructions.

Inexpensive Alternative

You don't have to break the bank. Poly septic systems are an inexpensive alternative to all available concrete septic systems. This means you can invest in a durable solution at a comparable price point.


Easy to Install

These systems are easily positioned and fixed by any contractor. Because of their lightweight nature, poly tanks don't require heavy lifting equipment during installation. The ones sold by Coerco come with a Plug and Play feature, which means there are no additional fitments required.


Get In Touch

Are you looking for high-quality poly septic tank systems near you? Look no further. Coerco offers wide a range of poly septic tank systems that meet all requirement and needs. All our products are approved by the Department of Health and in accordance to AS1546.1

For more information about our septic systems, feel free to contact us today.

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